Building Tips

  • Make sure your design can be built on your property
  • Plan and budget your project based on accurate information
  • Aim for maximum cost certainty
  • Prepare a realistic construction timetable
  • Get permits as soon as blueprints are available
  • Choose the right quality and combination of building materials
  • Hire qualified builders with the right experience
  • Get financing in place to fix interest rates
  • Be ready to build at the most favorable time

There is a difference in builders.

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Declan McKevitt you will already know that he is very conscientious about the quality of his teams work.

Ridge Point makes sure their customers’ needs are met and also ensure that every small detail is attended to, making the finished product something an owner will be proud of.

If you need home renovations or considering building a new home give Declan a call, it will prove to be a wise decision as he knows how to get the job done and at the same time save you dollars.

Quality and customer satisfaction is a Ridge Point Contracting promise

  • Renovations and small builds have always been key components for Ridge Point. Now, they take the lead within this “small is beautiful” type of construction in laneway housing.
  • Vancouver is increasing density in neighborhoods and so is the Sunshine Coast with compact and versatile alleyway buildings called laneway homes. Used as everything from a money-making rental to a private retreat, laneway housing makes sense for home owners.
  • To make it work our architects focus on maximizing space, designers magically transform small areas into bright, multi-use homes and landscapers incorporate buildings into backyard oases. Most importantly, we work together to help home owners step through the renovation construction codes.
  • Whether you have an unrealized opportunity in your backyard or are looking to incorporate these small build techniques into your renovations, Ridge Point has the experience and staff to make it happen.